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About Us

The Blazing Press is a conservative news broadcasting network that's had an online presence since 2008 across a number different social media channels. We weathered what is now widely know as the "social media purge of conservatives", which has continued for the last 3 years by being very versatile and thinking outside the box. We tried to warn youtubers of the coming censorship when we had 3 channels (totaling 400k subscribers) vanish (canary in coal mine). We like to say "we are ahead of the curve, or tomorrows news today".... just ask our audience! We always deliver.... a balanced view of the news in a very laid back format. In your face and unashamed, political, faith based commentary with humor to boot with even deeper insight into world events. Our network consists of daily news articles, Youtube videos and live streaming events, utilizing mainstream, alternative news and social media sources. We have been known to hold live call-in programs as well as interviews and community chats. We never miss a beat reporting the trending, hot topics of the day. And with your help, we can work together toward the goal of changing the way media is perceived and combat the fake news shills of (cnn, msnbc etc) as well as the censorship of the technocratic giants!


Built a Youtube presence of over 400k + subscribers in the year of 2016/17

Garnered over 20+ million unique Youtube views IN THE MONTH of November during the U.S. presidential election of 2016

Thank You

To all our supporters who pray daily for this channel, share our videos, and contribute to the "Good Fight", THANK YOU! It's because of you that we are reaching the world with a message of hope in these dark times!